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Brake and clutch repair services

Prompt and hassle-free fault repairs.

Improve your vehicle's brake and clutch performance

Is your car showing signs of brake or clutch problems? Do not risk your safety and the safety of others on the road by driving a car with faulty brake or clutch. As the miles accumulate, your brakes and clutch systems are prone to wear out so get them checked regularly. Brighton Tyres & Exhausts provides comprehensive repair and replacement solutions and is well-equipped to handle all kinds of clutch and brake services, from small repairs to complete system overhauls. Visit us today for an inspection service. In addition, we also provide a wide range of vehicle repair services.
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Experienced mechanics to the rescue

Get your faulty brake, clutch or exhaust system fixed by our professional mechanics and get your vehicle back on the road in no time. For prompt and reliable services at affordable prices, call our team in Brighton on 01273 697 678.
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Brake, clutch and related services

  • Brake and brake pad installations
  • Brake or clutch repair
  • Brake or clutch replacement
  • Suspension adjustments and anti-lock braking systems
"I popped into Brighton Tyres & Exhausts and these guys did my exhaust within a few hours and were done at half the price of Kwik Fit happy days."
- Robbie
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Brighton Tyres & Exhausts provides professional repair services for a wide range of brake and clutch problems.
Visit us in Brighton, or call on 01273 697 678 for brake repair, clutch repair, brake replacement and clutch replacement.

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